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 February, 2016

The Arc of New Mexico Mission

Our Mission: The Arc New Mexico promotes and protects the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and actively supports their full inclusion and participation in the community throughout their lifetimes.

The Arc is not an acronym; always refer to us as The Arc, not The ARC and never ARC. The Arc should be considered as a title or a phrase.


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Randy Costales, Executive Director

The 2016 Legislative Session

(Excerpted from the Disability Coalition Post-Legislative Report)

The 2016 Legislative Session ended on Thursday, February 18.  Several disability related bills passed including:

HB 61  Accounts for Persons with Disabilities.Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton.  Authorizes the establishment of tax-free savings accounts for persons with disabilities.  It would allow individuals to accumulate savings of up to $100,000 while still remaining eligible for public benefits such as SSI (which currently has a resource limit of just $2,000), and use those savings for disability-related purposes such as home modifications, education, transportation and job training.   

SB 21 “Brittany” Alerts.  Sen. Jacob Candelaria.  Modeled on existing “Amber” alerts for missing children and “Silver” alerts for missing elders, this bill authorizes the issuance of public alerts when a person with developmental disabilities goes missing in circumstances where there is concern for the person’s health or safety. 

SB 36  DD Waiver Waiting List Report and Funding.  Sen. Bill Soules.  Requires the Department of Health to issue an annual report regarding the waiver program and the wait list, including projections of how much it would cost over the next five years to get the waiting time down to three years or less.  An appropriation of $25 million to the Department of Health that was originally included in the bill was removed. 

SB 113  Mandated Outpatient Treatment.  Senator Mary Kay Papen.  Authorizes involuntary, court-ordered outpatient mental health treatment for persons with a history of mental illness who are not currently dangerous to themselves or others but who are considered “likely” to cause harm to themselves or others at some time in the future if they go without treatment.  

SM 25  Transition Planning for Youth with Disabilities.  Sen. Michael Padilla. Calls on the DD Planning Council and the Center for Development and Disability at UNM to convene a task force to look at ways to improve the transition of youth with disabilities from school to work.  

Now it’s up to the governor.  Bills that passed the legislature are now under review by Governor Martinez.  She can either sign them into law, veto them, or – in the case of the budget bill – veto specific appropriations or language and sign the rest of the bill into law.  If she takes no action on a bill, it does not become law; this is called a “pocket veto”.  Memorials and proposed constitutional amendments that passed are not subject to her review.

The governor has until March 9 to act on legislation.  If you want to encourage her to sign or veto any bills that passed the legislature, you can reach the governor's office by phone at 505-476-2200 or send an email message through her website, governor.state.nm.us.   Click on "Contact and Constituent Services" at the top of the page and then on "Contact the governor", and a form to fill out will come up on your screen to send your message to Gov. Martinez.

Community CIT Meeting Held in Albuquerque

A community meeting was held on Tuesday February 23, 2016 at the Unitarian Church in an on-going collaborative effort to create a comprehensive Community Intervention Team Program (CIT) in Albuquerque.  The featured speaker was Major Sam Cochran (ret.).  Major Cochran is nationally known for his work in developing the Community Intervention Team (CIT) model.  He served as first CIT coordinator from 1988 until his retirement in 2008. He retired from the Memphis Police Department after 33 years of service including Coordinator of the Memphis Hostage Negotiation Team.  Major Cochran is currently working with the Shelby County Sheriff Department Academy (TN) and as a national CIT consultant.

During his presentation Major Cochran emphasized that CIT is not a police program but is a community program that includes mental health providers, police and community advocates.  The following morning he met with stakeholder groups and individuals with special knowledge and skills, had lunch with Albuquerque City personnel and in the afternoon provided training law enforcement personnel and first responders.

The meeting was sponsored by APD Forward, The City of Albuquerque Civilian Police Oversight Agency and The Arc of New Mexico.  APD Forward is a community coalition led by concerned Albuquerque citizens who want to see the Albuquerque Police Department become the responsible, community-friendly police department we know it can be.

The Civilian Police Oversight Agency (CPOA) was established in 2014 after the City amended its Police Oversight Ordinance and replaced the former Police Oversight Commission and Independent Review Office.  The CPOA provides citizens with an independent, impartial, investigatory body to investigate their complaints and compliment about Albuquerque Police Department employees.  

Upcoming Events

March 16-18 - EPIC’s Conference

March 19 - Albuquerque World Down syndrome Day

April 21-22 - PRO Conference

May 6 - One-Day Self-Advocacy Conferences (Las Cruces and Roswell)

June 24 & 25 - Arc Summit and Conference (Hotel Albuquerque)

Cerebral Palsy Parents Association

The association meets every month to provide education, support and advocacy for individuals with special needs and their families.  For more information contact John Chimarusti at 505-272-5296 or at jchimarusti@salud.unm.com.

Eight Ways You Can Give to The Arc

The Arc of New Mexico relies and depends on support from individuals, families and organizations to carry out our Mission.  There are several ways to can support The Arc:

1. You can either mail us a check or make an on-line donation at https://www.arcnm.org/donate-now/

2. In the Metro area donate your gently used clothing, shoes and household items.  For more information or to schedule a donation pick-up call 505-765-1975.

3. A memorial gift is a beautiful and lasting tribute for a loved one or to a family as an expression of sympathy.  Family and friends can be recognized with a gift in their honor.  This might be for a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, holiday, wedding, retirement, etc.

4. Amazon.com will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to The Arc of New Mexico whenever you shop on Amazon Smile: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/85-0167508

5. Make a United Way Contribution

6. Smith’s Reward Card – 1) Visit smithscommunityrewards.com, 2) Sign in to your Online Account, or create an account, 3) Find and select The Arc of New Mexico and click “Save”

7. Donate stocks or bonds.  For more information contact Randy Costales at rcostales@arcnm.org.

8. A bequest is a gift made to charity in your will or trust. One significant benefit of making a gift by bequest is that it allows you to continue to use the assets/property you may leave to charity during your life. Another benefit is that by making a bequest you are able to leave a lasting legacy for the work of The Arc.  Keep in mind that your gift can be for a specific amount, a percentage or some portion of the remainder (after family, relatives and friends have gotten their designated share).  For more information contact Randy Costales at rcostales@arcnm.org.

Thank you Donors for Your Support!

Thank you to our most recent donors: Roger Weinreich, Alan and Veronica Neuman, Vicki Galindo, Doris Husted, Van Nunley, Adolfo Vasquez, Diana and Oral Duncan, Joann Albrycht, Thea Cavanaugh, Philip Alvarez Levin.

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