The Arc of New Mexico provides guardianship services to persons with developmental disabilities who live in New Mexico and have no family or friends to provide support. A staff of professional guardians is available to assist individuals with developmental disabilities with decision-making.

Guardians at The Arc are full-time paid professionals who work with approximately 25 individuals each. Their duties include regular visits and monitoring of each individual’s home and other environments; advocacy for each individual and assurance that programs and services are in each person’s best interest; and assistance for each individual with decision-making at the level that each person requires.

The Arc contracts with the New Mexico Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (NMDDPC) to provide guardianship for New Mexicans with developmental disabilities. Our services are free to people with developmental disabilities who are Medicaid eligible. If you would like to make a referral to The Arc of New Mexico’s Guardianship Program please click on Eligibility Criteria below. A referral form is available from The Arc by e-mailing, calling or coming by the office in Albuquerque.

Guardians are always appointed by the state District Court in the county in which the individual under guardianship resides. While guardians insure and protect a person’s rights, they can be unduly restrictive, limiting a person’s rights and ability to make decisions. The Arc of New Mexico does not petition to become the guardian of any individual.  We are available to serve as guardian after a referral and acceptance.

Names of attorneys who can assist with the appointment of a guardian are available from the New Mexico Developmental Disabilities Planning Council. These attorneys are available in your local area to assist with the petitioning and appointment process at very low cost to persons who are resource-eligible. For more information, please visit the New Mexico Developmental Disabilities Planning Council web site.

For more information about Guardianship services at The Arc, call (505) 883-4630 or 1-800 356-6493, or by e-mailing the Guardian Program management at:

Jacqueline Mader
Guardianship Director

Oscar Escareno
Guardianship Program Manager

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