What Is a Representative Payee?

The Representative Payee program is administered by the Social Security Administration. The Arc of New Mexico is an approved Organizational Payee service that assists individuals with developmental disabilities who are unable to manage their own benefit checks by maintaining a direct deposit account for the beneficiaries Social Security or Railroad board benefit checks.

As payee, The Arc of New Mexico is responsible for paying for individuals basic needs from their benefit checks. This includes expenses for housing, food, clothing, medical needs, and personal expenses. A budget is established with input from the beneficiary and their guardian allocating these amounts on a monthly basis. The representative payee will issue checks according to the developed budget including personal spending money. Some individuals pick up weekly cash and others receive a weekly or monthly check. Within the budget, the representative payee may set aside a portion of each month’s income into “conserved funds” for special purchases. These funds are basically a savings account, and once the amount needed for the purchase is reached, these funds are used to make one-time purchases.

For more information, contact the Representative Department at (505) 886-4630, or email Donene Seelbach at dseelbach@arcnm.org


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