What is the Arc Master Trust?

Regardless of your age, or your child’s age or disability, planning for the future is important. The Arc Master Trust is our response to a need felt by many families who wonder what will happen to their loved one after they are gone, and to people with disabilities seeking a way to fund their own trust.

A Financial Planning Option

The Arc Master Trust includes two trusts, Master Trust I, a d4c self settled pooled trust and Master II,  a pooled Third Party Trust:

Trust I

Established in 1998, The Arc Master Trust I allows people with disabilities to fund their own trust – with funds received through a direct inheritance, a back payment from social security, a personal injury settlement or funds saved in excess of the $2000 limitation – allowing individuals with disabilities to maintain eligibilty for government benefits such as SSI, Medicaid and Waiver programs.

Trust II

Established in 1999, Trust II helps families provide for the financial future of their loved one with a disability without affecting eligibility for government benefits such as SSI,  Medicaid and Waiver programs.

Open to People of All Disabilities

The Arc Master Trust serves New Mexicans of all disabilities, including people with physical, mental, emotional, and intellectual and other developmental disabilities.

Pays for Items Not Covered by Government Benefits

Government programs are limited to basic needs like food, shelter, medical care, and home and community based supports through the Medicaid Waiver program. Funds  in The Arc Master Trust pays for items not covered by government benefits.

The Arc’s Expertise

Government benefits operate under regulations that must be understood and followed or eligibility for benefits can be lost. Families and trust beneficiaries do not need to worry about learning and staying current with regulations. The Arc Master Trust staff has this expertise.

Professional, Affordable Management

If you want to start a trust through your local bank, you may find the annual fees far higher than you can afford. For many families and individuals, The Arc Master Trust is an affordable option.

Reliable, Knowledgeable Staff and Advisors

Our Trust Administration can be relied on for its expertise and dedication to our client’s needs. You may contact our Trust department at ArcTrust@arcnm.org

Trust funds are safely and securely on deposit with The Bank of the West.